Code of Ethical Conduct

PT PLN Enjiniring committed to consistently implement GCG through Code of Ethical Conduct (CoEC). 
Code of Ethical Conduct (CoEC) cause to be effective to all PLN Enjiniring member; Board of Commissionaire, Board of Director, Employees (organic, expert, nor candidate) who acted under PLN Enjiniring attribute; Sister company, Shareholder and all stakeholders or strategic alliances who conduct business transaction with PLN Enjiniring.
Code of Ethical Conduct (CoEC) is a batch of commitment which consists of PLN Enjiniring's business ethic and working ethic that stacked to affected, formalize, manage and perform behavior compatibility until reached consistent output due to Corporate Value in achieve vision and mission.

PT PLN ENJINIRING continual encourage obedience against ECode of Ethical Conduct (CoEC) and committed to implemented, with necessitate to all leader of every level in the company responsible to ensure that Code of Ethical Conduct (CoEC) conducted and properly driven under all division.
Each member compulsory to sign individual commitment in Ethical of Conduct, including Board of Commissionaire and Board of Director. the successful of Code of Ethical Conduct (CoEC) implementation is supported by commitment, communication and spirit to carry out CoEC in daily activities.

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