WhisteBlowing System

Whistleblowing System is an application provided by PT PLN Enjiniring for those who have information and want to report indications of violations of an act that occurred in PLN Enjiniring.

Your complain will be easily followed up if it meets the following elements:
What      :  Indications of violations of the act is known such as:
                  (1) corruption, (2) bribery, (3) fraud, (4) pilferage, (5) conflict of interest, (6) violation of laws and
Where    :  Where it was committed
When     :  When it was committed
Who       :  Anyone who is involved in the act
How       :  How it was committed (the mode, manner, etc)

You don't have to worry about disclosure of your identity as PT PLN Enjiniring will keep the identity as a whistle blower. PT PLN Enjiniring appreciate the information  you reported. Our focus to the material that you reported.

whistleblowingPlease send your report to :

corporate.secretary@pln-enjiniring.com or contact@pln-enjiniring.com

We are committed to making PT PLN Enjiniring a safe place to work, honest and clean. Corruption, fraud, conflict of interest, violations of laws and regulations are believed to have a negative impact on the working environment.
With SK Board of Directors Number: 02.001.K/010/PLNE/III/2012  and SK Number: 02.003.K/010/PLNE/III/2012 dated March, 2, 2012, PT PLN Enjiniring to implement Policy Violation Complaint (Whistle Blowing), the Policy that gives you the opportunity to report any violations of the implementation of the Guidelines for Corporate Ethics (Ethical of Conduct) by maintaining the confidentiality of your identity and follow-up of complaints received.

Contact us for Whistleblowing System at:

Telp: (62-21) 27510363 ext 100 (President Director), ext 134 (Legal Department) 

Fax: (62-21) 27510362


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